Real Estate calculation software

Does anybody know where I can find a software to download that will do your analysis calculation when doing crauching numbers

You can set it up in an Excel spreadsheet if you know how to use formulas and whatnot.

ARV * 60% - Rehab Cost - Wholesale Fee = MAO

ARV = After Repaired Value, or what the house will be able to sell for (quickly) when it’s all fixed up and pretty

60% = the 40% is where the rehabber makes their profit as well as covering closing costs, carrying costs, title insurance, etc.

Rehab Cost = How much it will cost for the rehabber to fix the property up in to the sort of condition that will make the property worth the ARV

Wholesale Fee = How much $$$ do you want to make?

MAO = MAX allowable offer. Try to get it for less than this (Give your buyer some more room for profit or wiggle room on the rehab, and give yourself some extra $$$ as well for bringing an even sweeter deal to the table), but under no circumstance go over this number!

you can build them at a great list in per lane by using a XL