Real estate Business List?

How do you build an contact list in the real estate business?

best part to make interactions as much as you can via social accounts plus linkedin is the best networking place where you can find like-minded people to network with and your increase your business contact list easily.

You can attend real estate seminars, join various real estate investor clubs. There are good chances to find investors and buyers.

linkedin and other network website are of much useful and their groups are also give you potential leads.

LinkedIn and Facebook groups I found them very effective sites.

Linkedin is the best networking site to get contacts list for real estate business…

Keep in contact with clients through social networks

Twitter is also popular among real estate agents. You can use this site not only for sharing new ideas, events, and property updates with your current customers, but also for establishing contacts with other professionals.

Totally support the idea of using LinkedIn as a mean

Linkedin, going to workshops and website forums like this are good ways to meet people.

Don’t forget, there are real estate groups there or you can create on in your area.

AngelList and Yelp are also good sites, where you can find real estate agents. Those platforms provide real estate agents reviews as well.

Can you be more specific about who you want to contact?

ActiveRain, website for true real estate professional
ConnectInvestor: Community of real estate investor.

REI Club and Bigger Pockets are good sites to find real estate professionals.

connected investors

Facebook groups, local REIA meetings, Linkedin, Bigger Pockets

Mostly through social networks.