Real Estate Broker

When i graduate college im going to get my sales license and then eventually my brokers license. I will focus on commercial properties including retail, industrial, office, and large condo buildings. The reason i want this is to take advantage of deals i will come along as a realtor that i wouldn’t come along other wise. Some say that having a license will be bad and some say its good for residential real estate but what will it do for me in the commercial real estate arena?

Being a real estate broker has many advantages. If you enjoy or see yourself enjoying commercial real estate as a career then having a brokers license allows you many connections through your business i.e… network qualified colleges, buyers, sellers, service providers, contractors. Being a Real Estate Broker also allows you to build a sales and management team that makes you money. If you are interested in development being a broker gives you a great perspective on the market, that would other wise cost you time and money. It also allows you to manage your developed properties after the sale. Development has the greatest potential for wealth accumulation. Working for a commercial contractor for a few years is also very advantageous if you are going to pursue commercial development.

Good Luck!!!

Are you an agent or broker yourself?

I am a licensed real estate broker in NY. I currently live in Texas and will have my brokers license here in Feb 09. Currently I build office/warehouse facilities here for clients and build to suite deals which are sold 12 months after the certificate of occupancy is issued.