Real Estate Branding

How do you “brand” yourself or your business? Do you still consistently market your “brand” on a specific theme or image?

I’ve heard many people say that branding is not easy and very costly. I tend to agree with them and think when you are first starting out “Branding” should not be your focus.

You can brand yourself in many ways, but the ultimate goal is to get yourself associated with a symbol or phrase.

I’d like to be the “Probate Guy of Morris County”. When people think of selling a house out of probate, they think of me. As far as being successful in accomplishing that I’m not really sure out side of being every where and any where :slight_smile:

But isn’t that branding already, scostell? Being known for something means you’ve built a brand for yourself.


According to me a providing our best to he clients will make a great brand value in the business.The trust is also another factor for this and that should be there between clients and agent

True, nimmysnv . Having a client trust you can really help in the long run.

Branding is very expensive… However can also be the difference between success and failure…

Take the “5 dollar foot long” or “Jack” and the “Lizard and cave man”

The reason people pay mega bucks for a franchise is because of the TOM. Hard to do for yourself… Homevestors loves their We buy ugly houses slogan…

Happy hunting


Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal what ever you do if it meets your goals , do what makes you comfortable
and make trust your first priority. :deal