real estate Austin, TX

Looking for Real Estate investment in Austin, TX.

Will appreciate any recommendations.

Hon, gonna need to get a bit more specific about what KIND of investment you are looking for.

mostly pre-constraction
maybe good rental property

austin is a tough rental area. not much pre-construction in austin proper right now that is worthwhile. taxes are ENORMOUS out here

Property taxes are high depending on where you buy. Like San Antonio, some builders limit the number of non owned-occupant homes. The new homes aren’t low cost and will most likely not cash flow. There are some new home areas that are affordtable, but be aware that the rents may drop as more investors come into the community to offer rentals.

Are there any areas around Austin that will cash flow?

I was thinking about buying in Austin…but an investor/mentor advised me that now might not be a good time. She said that all of the investors are moving out of Austin.

Considering that I live in another state…I was hoping I could get some more views on this.


All the investors are moving out of Austin??? Really?? That’s news to me!