REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS-Hudspeth Texas & Belen NM

I found a websight auction that has some outstanding bargins! I think! I need some advice. You can bid on 50 acre lots in Texas for $1,000. A town by the name of Hudspeth Texas. Ever heard of it? I can afford to lose the $1,000 but I would rather not. Here are a few questions. Ever heard of the town Hudspeth texas or Belen NM? Why are the properties so cheap? What are some questions I should be asking the owners? What are some things I should look out for? I cannot go there to see the properties in person, so I need to rely on the sellers. How can I contact some local residents to find out about the areas. All I have is the $1,000 so I can’t pay a realtor. Please share all of your experiences and knowledge.

If you have never been to an auction before I would highly recommend that you just attend this auction first. Your main objective in this task is just to have a feel of how the whole process works.

You have to know also the market of that particular property that you’re interested. If it’s too cheap…there’s got to be a reason what it’s too cheap.

$1000 is not much and it could even cost you a lot more than $1000 if you don’t get your figures correct when it comes to bidding.

Howdy Fidgety;

Have you seen the old western movies with the wind and tumbleweed and the sandstorms in the middle of nowhere. No one wants this land. Why do you think it is so cheap? Save your money.

this is an internet auction. I live in Florida. You can find properties like this one on ebay. The properties are in NM and Texas. I cannot go out the the areas, but I do know a few people that live there to check out the properties for me. I am not looking to be a huge investor or turn around the property within a year for a huge profit. I am looking more for my grandkids. I am looking for something to hold onto for about 15 years. If you live in the area or have advice please email me. Thank You, Jackie