Real Estate Attorneys and Closings

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During the process of selecting a real estate attorney, do seasoned investors search for attorney that have performed a certain number of closings ?

Should you select a real estate attorney that has not performed a minimum of 100 closings or is that number to high?

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Actually closings are pretty simple especially if a title company is involved to handle any title issues. My attorney slipped up and showed me how easy it was ti fill out the forms for the closing and I only use him rarely now for closings plus he moved to Dallas. I am in a deed of trust state that I understand and would have to learn the process in a mortgage state. If you do need to hire and attorney you may want to focus on ethics as I did have trouble with one once that gave the property tax money to the seller instead of the county. He eventually paid me back but it took several years and the seller went to jail for other fraud.

Thank you Tedjr for the information, you have simplified my selection process. If you have any other suggestions in regards to real estate lawyer selection, please advise.

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