real estate articles?

Hi, i’m new to this website and forum. I was curious to know if the real estate articles on this site are good. What I mean is that most of the authors have books or courses and I wanted to know if it is worth buying any of them. I see a lot of the gurus on t.v. and wonder about them. SO my question is should I invest in the authors courses on this site? Thanks!

The article section on this site is free - and there are a bunch of them.
Why don’t you read articles by the authors you are interested in, and see if you like their info enough to purchase other materials from them?


I read a few articles that I was interested in and was interested in learining more from these authors. I just wanted to make sure that these authors were real investors not those infomercial gurus.

I think you should spend some time lurking in the forums, first. This site has several forums dedicated to specific niches of real estate investing. Once you determine that a particular niche appeals to you, then consider purchasing a course to get more detailed information about that particular investing approach.

To get personal testimonials, just go to the forum for that topic and post a question about a course you want to know more about. You will get feedback from the members in that forum that will help you decide whether that course may be the best purchase for you.

Thanks Dave! I have been reading a lot of the forums and there are a few things that I am interested in. I’ll keep reading and posting thanks.