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Are any of you using a Real Estate agent to list the house for the sake of satisfing the lenders. I am doing this but wonder what is the appropriate “listing price,” in conjuntion to our offer. How long before we should put in a contract or what date to use on the contract then submit to the lender?

I do it, but not for the sake of the lender. I do it so I can control the property without being personally liable.

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I don’t know about your area, but we price the listing at the appropriate BPO. When it is “subject to lender’s approval of short sale,” we ALWAYS get ridiculously lowball offers. However, that is the perrogative of the buyers and we present all offers to the lender, no matter how low it is.

I hoping that a brain cell will awaken with these lenders I’m working with and they’ll start to consider these offers more seriously. The market is just getting softer and softer and they are losing more money the longer they wait to approve.