Real estate agent

Hi we’re looking for a real estate agent / broker from any state who will be willing to work with us. We’re real estate investors purchasing homes in any state for resale and rehab. We also purchase dirt cheap ones for wholesaling and rehab. We are willing to purchase as many as possible whilch will allow our agens to make money. We need an agent/broker who will be willing to submit contracts on our behalf for the offer that we would be willing to first offer seller. We always like to make our lowest offer first and then see what happens.
Any suggestions on where to look?

I am jack,just today I joined this forum. I’m a young guy, real estate agent from uk,lives in uk.i have one brokery experience

Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

Agent is necessary for buyer and seller because they have vast information for real estate property which one is best or not…

There are quite a few real estate directories on the internet listing all kinds of real estate agents. You aren’t looking for anyone in any particular area?

When you buying the property then you will need the agent. real estate agent is moderator between buyer and seller.

Sometime a low ball offer will not do because you do not know how many investors have offer a fair price. Be prepared to pay a Realtor 4 to 6 points of the purchase price.

a buyer doesn’t pay the real estate agent anything, the seller pays the agent

i am an investor, i know want to work as brokers, they have some nice deals but in Canada. do you want to invest in Canada?