Real Estate Agent

So I want to become a Real Estate investor, but with no experience I’m wondering if trying to become a Real Estate Agent would be good training. Is it possible to become an RE Agent and still be an investor on the side? Or is there some sort of legal bind that wouldn’t allow that? Thanks.


As a broker I can say having my license isnt as important as having access to the MLS. Your question is a lot like Asking if you should run a marathon to prepare for a 100 yard sprint… They are both running but really have little to do with the other.

Good luck


So becoming a RE agent won’t help me learn about investing in real estate? I know they operate differently than investors, but I’d think they would give me good training on how to find people, and even learn about the market ups and downs.

Certainly youll learn a few things… However the world of investing is very different then real estate agency…