Real Estate Agent to Help New Investor?

I am a new investor, yet to make my first deal. I have purchased a home before and also built one which I live in. I made telephone contact with a real estate agent. She seems to be an experienced investor and owns multiple rental properties. She said she would help me learn and avoid mistakes. The question I have is do you think that is a good idea to get mixed up with this person? I overpaid on my first home because I was young and ignorant, and my buyer agent let me do it, probably grinning the whole time. I would like to learn from her, but it seems like the deals that I would want (underpriced with motivated seller) she would want also. Opinions?

I honestly think it is ok to use any Realtor the thing you really want to have in your pocket is a great appraiser that will pull comps for you on all the properties that the realtor’s find as well as you find for yourself! 90% of the best deals I have ever done did not come from realtors!

Thanks for the quick easy advice. You make it seem so easy. You are an inspiration. I will find a good appraiser that works for me. Any tips on that or call someone in the phone book?