Real Estate Agent or Investor?

I am really interested in getting involved in real estate, and wanted to become a licensed agent. My only problem is I’m worried how this might affect me in the future if I want to start investing? If I become an agent does it hinder my ability to invest? If I eventually plan to become an investor (once I have money) should I all together forget being an agent? It just seems if I was an agent I would be able to cut out the middleman costs and just do it myself. Any advice would get would be great !

This is one of those ongoing debates that we see every week or at least once a month it is all personal preferance!

Being in this industry for 10+ years now I have my own reasons that I have not become an agent I do belive that the number 1 reason is I do fine without it!

you will notice all the realtors will say yes and the investors say no that is the way it always has been and it always will be til death do us part!

If you are a realtor and it works for you Great

If you are not and it works for you Great!

If you are and it is not working change it!

if you are not and its not working for you try it!

It is more so about the creative marketing no matter if you are a realtor or not!

Its all about the number of deals not how much you make on each!Because if you are only doing 2 a year at 30k a piece you are worse off then the guy that is doing 30 a month at 3k a piece!

This is always a fun topic I got away with doing a copy paste on my last post! YEAH look once again I saved time which means I SAVED MONEY!

yay, you’re another 2k richer! :wink:

now if you’d only find the time to publish your other book, you could make millions!


There probably isn’t a right or wrong answer to this common question. If you look around at some of the most successful real estate investors, most are licensed. There is a big difference, however, being licensed and having a career as a Realtor. What do really want to do? Do you see yourself helping others? I’ve been in real estate for 14 years and I am a Realtor and a real estate investor. The tools available to me as a licensed agent are invaluable. The opportunities I’ve had as a investor buyers agent have given me insights I would not have had otherwise. You will learn a lot helping investors put deals together. You will see first hand what is working and what isn’t working in your market. As a Realtor, your work will be governed by a code of ethics. There will be a certain integrity, a higher standard you would hold yourself to. It won’t be a hindrance, but rather an asset. Others might say why bother. Who knows? Me, I’m a big fan.