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I am new to the foreclosure industry; I have been doing my research, reading / searching websites online for the past few months. I am looking to buy my first home (to live in) this way as a learning process. I am already pre-qualified for a loan. I have been searching websites for info and properties. I am about to sign up for a mailing list as well.

I understand how to buy - good deals from bad deals. I also know the property value in my area (Houston) very well. I am looking for a good book to read the will help me learn the paper work that is needed.

I am ready to get this show on the road!


Howdy :

There are 47,000 books written on buying houses. All you need is a deed when you buy a house. It can be one page long. You may need some more papers if somebody loans you money but they usually supply the forms there. You will need to get the title to the property inspected by an attorney or title company and that is about that. What other papers do you think you need? It just is not all that complicated. You too may want to form a LLC or Corp or ??? but that is not hard either. You can for those on line for a few hundred directly with the Sec of State. Let the forum know what else you may need

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To answer about the others forms needed, I am interested in know what forms I need to make a deal happen on my end. My mortgage guy will do the title check, which is part of the closing costs.

How much are yall spending in closing costs on average?

Also what is a recommended list provider for the South East part of Houston?