Ready to Invest in Utah - need advice!

Very glad I found this site - it has been invaluable and I’m learning alot from the people I consider to have the best information - peers who are doing the same thing!

I have been doing alot of research studying and have made the decision that Utah is where I want to buy my first investment property (I live in SF Bay area).

Because of the distance, it is crucial that I put together a great team of contacts in Utah and am hoping that others who are already investing there can help me out with information on how to find the best team. I am open to any kind of information anyone can share about Utah R.E. Investing…but am particularly looking for an excellent Realtor, a VERY excellent Property Manager, and a Good Contractor. Feel free to send me an email directly.

Also, if you invest in Utah already, share with me your experiences. (how much down, home prices now, rent, how much do you keep in reserve, etc.) I have 20K to start with and want to put it to the best use possible. Not sure if I can possibly purchase two homes with this amount and also have positive cash flow - but that is my goal.

Anyway, thanks and look forward to hearing from any fellow investors.

Happy Investing!!

Almastar Here,

     Hey I live in UT and have about the same operating budget but am just starting myself.   So I would love to network together and see what we can come up with. Just let me know if you have any questions or any awnser to questions that you have asket that you think I might find helpful.

Hey There!

You made the right decision choosing UT. Market here is really HOT, so when you find a good deal - and they are out there - you can have a pretty good profit.

Your idea would be “buying and holding” and still have a positive cash flow?

Wow I didn’t know there were local investors here on the board in Utah. I’m in Salt Lake, but am familiar with utah,salt lake,weber, and davis counties.

To the op, I’m a Investor and also a Realtor so if you need any help or info feel free to let me know. I’ll pm you with contact info. Also what is your strategy rehab,flip( how much do you want to net?),buy and hold(what type of cap rate do you expect?) These things can help us meet what you want

Where is everyone located?