Ready to get started

Whats up everyone? I’m new to this site, but it has been all I’ve done in the last 3 days. I almost hate it, because I have a paper due Sunday, and finals next week. So, a little about my situation.

I’m in the military and overseas, and I will be in Texas for 6-7 months starting in October. After that, I will be going to Florida. I am more than ready to get started. I have rented out my house that I bought before I came overseas (no cash flow, only covering the mortgage payment). So far, so good with the tenants. I want to jump in feet first as soon as I hit Texas. I will continue to read everything I can on this site before I get there. So far, it looks like I should be trying to buy and sell contracts. I think that will be a good opportunity to get a little more experience before I plant my feet in Florida. I’m looking for the best advice on a path to follow in the short time that I’m in TX. :help :help

There’s another military member on here who goes by SLKInt09. He was in TX for awhile, got on this site, and started wholesaling. You might want to PM him and see how he got started.
Welcome to the site.

Thanks for the info and the welcome. I will get in touch with him.