Ready to begin

Hey I am 21 and have been interested in REI for about a year and have spent alot of time reading books and articles and I believe I am ready to begin wholesailing, I wanted to see if you can see if I am heading into the right direction.
(1) I am going to begin to build a buyers list by calling “We buy houses” signs, networking at rei club meetings and setting up my own bandit signs to have investors call me.
(2) I am going to begin farming an area around 10 miles of my house for vacant properties and FSBO’s. I am also going to check the RE section of the paper each day for FSBO
(3) I am going to the court house to check out the new list of foreclosures each day
(4) I am going to make an offer as soon as I have a chance, get the property under contract and then assign to the contract to someone on my buyers list
(5) Do it all over again and retire before I start to work…
Please let me know if I have atleast scratched the surface on what to do.


Sounds like you are on the right track and have a plan. #3 – let me know how that goes. Maybe you want to pay a few $$ to a scout/birddog to handle that part. Haven’t done it myself but heard it takes a lot of time.

Anyone out there, is that true?

What market are you in?


I am in the Charlotte, NC market…