re: tax lien owners

Does anyone know of a service that can provide the contact information for property tax lien buyers? I am interested in contacting tax lien owners before the redemption period expires.

Once you contact the city hall and get the name of the person who owns the lien they can usually give you the info or you can use a private investigator to track these guys down. If I were you I would call a list company to see if anyone is collecting this info so you can do a mail out. And If you really want to make a lot of money you would be contacting these property owners because if they aren’t paying their taxes they are probably having money issues and there is probably a deal in there somewhere. Good luck.

Yeah, you can get all the info through the County or Public Records within the county where the property resides. I’m a little curious though…why is it that you want to contact the owner of the tax certificate? Are you trying to get tax certificate owners to re-assign the certificate to you? Just interested…