Re-siding stucco?

Any ideas on the best way to re-side a stucco house?
Tear it off, leave it and side over…etc. I would re-side with vinyl.
The windows need replaced also so I’m leaning toward tear off.


How bad is the Stucco? Can you patch it?

I have seen people go over stucco with Siding and when they put the nails in it breaks the stucco even more. This will cause the new siding to eventually pull away from the house.

I just completed a major remodel on a stucco house and I just patched it myself, I closed off a door and several windows. I used two different methods one was to use the traditional with metal wire and then the concrete over it. This was very difficult for me the novice. The other was was to use the new stuff in a 5 gal pail over a foam filler. This stuff is more expensive but it works much better for a novice, it is also less time consuming. It will stick to the old stucco if you want to try and match the texture.

Once you paint the stucco it is difficult to see the repairs. I also used a diamond blade on my skill saw to cut out around windows that I had to enlarge or make smaller. It is a dirty job but it can be done.

Tearing off all of the old stucco will be very messy and time consuming. My house was almost 2300 sq ft above ground. I did have to tear some of the stucco off and I used vinyle over the new construction.

Good Luck!