RE: Showing deals

Anyone put a lock-box on the door of a wholsale deal and when someone calls about it after pre-screening them give them the code to view the house on thier own? I’ve done this with my lease-options works great but I owned the properties. any thoughts??

Though I know who my buyers are I would never allow for them to enter any of my deals on their own. My homes go under contract within a week (unless I get a dud deal) :frowning: so what I do is have a private open house. Invite only my buyers and do it all in one shot. In my promotions I let them know to drive by only and then show up to the open house to view the inside.

I agree with Varian. What I do is send out a mass email to my buyers list & tell them when I’ll be at the property. If people missed the “viewing”, then I tell them to contact me. Then I’ll schedule another “showing”.

What if this is my first deal and don’t really have any buyers yet? Should I have everyone come at a certian time to view the house? Also, do you name the price or let the buyers start with thier own numbers? Thanks

You want to get all the potential buyers there at the same time b/c it creates a “wow, a lot of people are interested in this property.”

I provide the price up front, but I always factor into it my profit and some “wiggle room.”