Re-listing a Short Sale Already in MLS

Trying to clear on this short sale process.

If one get’s a Buyer’s Agent to locate a short sale lead in the MLS and a short sale is negotiated with the Lender.

Who re-lists the property to sell to an end-buyer? The Buyer’s Agent or the original Listing Agent?

Can the same property be listed twice in the MLS with different prices??


Does the Listing Agent just keeps the listing, changes the price and adds my name along with the Seller’s name to the re-listed property listing to sell to an end-buyer?


I would say you are kind-of going about “flipping property through ShortSales” abit of the wrong way…
The way you are going about it Will NOT work… They wont let you list a property on the MLS twice at the same time let alone for two different prices…
To be quite honest with you, you need to learn more about how to do a shortsale and find your own clients, do the shortsale for them & then find your buyer…
Try to leave the agents out of it… What you are trying to do will conflict with how agents work, you will feel like your spinning your tires…
here is a step proccess that will give you results:

  1. find a private homeowner that is motivated and will shortsale
  2. sign them up and contact the bank
  3. Do the shortsale and get an approvel on the shortsale
  4. at the same time as step 3 market it and get your buyer.
  5. make the sale and make your spread!!!

This will work almost everytime if you build the case right with the bank and the BPO.
Good luck!!!

That depends on who you hire to sell the property… You as the “Seller” are in control of that… And yes you can relist the property in the MLS and as mentioned above most MLS’s do not allow the same APN active, contingent, withdrawn or pended listed twice during the same time…

However if you disguise the listing using all 9’s as the APN then the MLS system will allow for a manual input and you have just accomplished what you tried to accomplish… The larger task is getting an agent to actually fool the system.

A much better method would be for you to hire the listing agent who is selling the short and request within your offer to purchase addendum (not main contract) that they do not pend the original listing.

This is like operating in the dark so I am not certain its worth the work. As mentioned you should learn to find the seller yourself it is much easier.

I bet if you sent out 1000 Yellow Letters to peeps in pre-foreclosure you would get enough calls which would afford you the ability to deal directly with the seller.

Once under contract and after you have eliminated any state requirement time frame take the grant deed in a trust and be on your way…

Short sales are easy to do the hard part is getting the stupid brain dead loss mitigators to understand that we are doing them a favor… Lately B of A has had their head so far up their butt that it has become comical

Good Luck

I shouldn’t be talking cause all gurus are talking. Seemed kinda rocket science to me now. Anyway that was helpful guys.

Thanks all for the great information. I will take your advice and let you know how it turns out. This seems more straight forward than the hassles with the agents. I previously contacted about 100 listing agents and only one responded.

The reason why I thought of the method I mentioned is because:

Some gurus mentioned getting Buyer’s Agents to find short sales already listed on MLS. You get the S.S. signed up and re-list on MLS for an end-buyer.

The gurus mentioned this marketing method would be cost-free vs. mailiing out letters to heavy competition to H.O. in pre-foreclosure.

Also one has to be very careful in Maryland, b/c there are very strict rules and laws against investors and foreclosure consultants marketing for and contacting H.O. in pre-foreclosures. So I will have to figure a way around that obstacle.

Thanks Guys for the great tips!!

Good Luck…

a Shortsale is not rocket science. Education is the way to expand your business and profit, it will make this process seem so much easier!!!

Good luck, You can do it!!!