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hello all,

I have decided to get a real estate license, I spoke with several of my friends who are realtors, and asked them the requirements, all of which I met. I have now found out that I have to submit a criminal history record(nobody mentioned that) I am concerned because I have a DUI and a couple of disorderly conducts from when I was about 19. Does any body know how strict they are on these types of offenses??? Im in georgia by the way.


I’m in CT and currently taking my course. I can tell you in some states including mine and a few others I know of you are required to tell them if you have a criminal background but it does NOT prevent you from obtaining a license. You will however be fined if you don’t tell them about it and they find out later. Just be honest and you won’t have any issues. You should double check this just to be sure but I imagine its similar where you are.

Also in the regards to taking the classes, let me just say this…I think ANY new investor should take the course even if you don’t apply for or want a license. In my state it runs about $425-500 depending on where you take it and you certainly learn a lot for that money. Most guru courses teach you less than a license course and cost a few grand. While you won’t learn about INVESTING per say you will learn a good deal about real estate for the minimal investment. Its a good general knowledge primer.

thanks rich, in georgia however, they dont take your word, you have to purchase and provide them with a certified copy of your criminal history. If any body else knows how stringent they are I would also appreciate your thoughts.

Luke, no state is simply going to “take your word” for it. They require the criminal background check. By “being honest” Rich met that they ARE going to ask for a detailed explanation about your conviction(s). I can assure you, answering with, “Being a dumb kid,” won’t cut it.

Chances are that if that is the only thing there, you have a good explanation for it, and you’ve been outstanding since, you won’t have a problem. I’ve seen worse.

Course, problem is, you’ll have to take (and pay) and pass your course, take (and pay) and pass your state, and then send in (and pay) your application for approval before you’ll be able to find out.

You can try to call your state’s RE commission, inform them of what you’re trying to do, your record, and see if they’ll give you an opinion about your chances. Don’t know if they will, but it’s better than hoping someone here has had a bad past, got accepted AND willing to talk about it.

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Assuming all this is in the past, you may be able to use a political angle. Volunteer for, donate to, and get friendly with your local and state elected officials. Get involved with community groups and be active in the neighborhood. These folks can work behind the scenes to get your license approved.

I don’t know about the requirements to be a realtor, but I won’t trust anybody that didn’t do that same kinds of things when they were 19. Its called being human.

Apologies for the late response. I am not a realtor nor do I reside in Georgia, but in Florida they are looking for crimes of moral turptitude i.e. theft, dishonesty etc. I would imagine it is the same in all states, but can’t say for sure. What I can say is that most people make those mistake when they are young. That’s life. I am not a realtor or an attorney, so take my opinion for whatever it’s worth, but from what you are saying I would imagine you do not have much to worry about.

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Sean Flanagan

I’m a realtor in Ohio and I believe the states can be very inconsistent. I started classes with a coworker. We both applied with the state at the same time, we both had DUI’s (mine was more recent than his) I got approved for my test to take my license in about a week it took him nearly 5 months. Alot of what the states are looking for are fraud and crimes that show “moral terpitude” (read: stuff that makes you look like a scumbag) If you don’t have these then I wouldn’t personally worry about it.