RE license in CALIFORNIA

i am looking to get my RE license within the next couple months… anybody know of any good crash courses or classes to take to prepare me for my RE exam… i am in the los angeles county of CAlifornia… just an fyi

also is it true if that they will changing some things regarding the being licensed after october of this year? like additional classes that need to be taken?

thanks is advance for all the help…

Call up a local RE office and ask them who do they recommend for schooling. Or simply do a search online for RE schools for CA.

The school will be able to tell you all you need to know.

You can also look up your CA Real Estate Commission website.


I went through Century 21- $200 got me the book, CD, and 2 day crash course (w/ a guarantee that if you dont pass the 1st time, you can re-attend for free) as well as a certificate once you pass the online exam prior to the written test. You do not have to sign any type of contract w/ century 21, but if you pass they give you the option of interviewing with someone and they will reimburse the $200 to you at the end of your first closing. I believe the name of the school is RET (Real Estate Trainers) so you might want to check w/ them as well, the course is prob. sold seperately and might be cheaper.I passed the first time with confidence so I def. recommend them. There are additional rqrmnts. after you obtain your license, and I have heard that after next year it will be required to have your AA first, but im not sure…hope this helps!