RE Jobbing 101 e- book

hey everone I was reading the posts and then i searched around for the ebook - found a 119 page e book on Jobbing for free here:

First, it’s J-O-B-B-I-N-G, not jabbing. Real estate, not boxing.
NOTE: I don’t normally correct, but since you printed it twice, I just wanted to clarify.

All you need to do is click on the ‘Free Investing Books’ link under the main heading ‘Investor Information.’ All this is located on the left of your screen.

Hope it helps,


hehe… thank you i fixed the typos… :wink:

I realized it was available but thought it would bring people faster to it if it was here…

I also purchased the full course … began reading volume 2 it is very insightful and motivating.

is this free book the same one thats for sale on this same site… ??? :stuck_out_tongue: