RE investment clubs in northern New Jersey

Hi, my name is Tony and i’m looking to join a good RE investment club.

if anybody can give me more info about it

thank you.!!!

Have you checked the Real Estate Clubs link under Investor Resources to the left of this post?

yes i did, but i s so hard to make any live contac with them.

and most phone number is no longer in service.

It’s just as well, Tony. Most of those clubs are nothing more than money making machines for the owners. Not much to be gained for new investors, unless you enjoy listening to the latest salesman of the month selling his latest crap.

is there any other way to network with investors and use some referals??

or find deals??

GOOGLE real estate investor associations.

north jersey has one in newark called garden state real estate investor assocation. otherwise known as gsreia. once u find one it’s very easy to get connected to other ones.

you may also try meetup groups on good luck!