RE Investing Seminar Question

I recently went to a great real estate seminar Rick Dryer’s Right Place Right Time. I was really impressed with what he had to say and feel like I learned a lot about how real estate investments can work for you. I’ve been thinking about investing in real estate for some time and think I’m ready to do it and this seminar definitely was the last little push I needed. Dryer recommends companies to work with at the seminar that follow his strategies and because his strategies are what really convinced me, I want to work with a company who is in line with this. The referred company I talked to was Mile High Capital. Has anyone invested with them before? I talked with them and liked what they had to say but I wanted see if anyone has had any direct experience investing and how it worked out.

I went to the same seminar last week. Have you had anyone reply? The concept sounds good I am just leary about out of state purchase, the low appreciation projection and the low cash flow. I am in CA and the appreciation is so much greater but you usually have a negative cash flow. I am just beginning in investing and am confused as to where to start.

All the ’ experts’ seem to advise against out of state purchases, but for us, it’s the way we are going. We plan to sell our home in Fl w/ in 4 years and move to middle tn., so we are concentrating our efforts there. it will be our 5th trip next week there since May and we’ll close on a triplex and a lot in a developement at that time The value there seems so much better, the market where we live is dizzying and fiercely competitive. This forum is an excellent adjunct to tapes, books and hard research. The seminar route wasn’t for us; we asked for a refund soon after we arrived at the 3 day boot camp. Personal preference- ot into the rah rah rally type atmospere and the attempt to sell more and more products.
Good luck!