re-hab money for ohio-good credit

i need money for1-4 unit properties. i have acredit score of 670. debt ratio is hinderance. i have flipped one property and own a s.f.r. that is rented. need investor for ohio who can move faster than banks and dont gouge on fees and points. i work for a wholesale building supply co. and was a loan broker for a year, until company went under. i have a line of credit of about 25,000 but want to leave that as a backup for emergencies. only serious hard money lenders, thank you.

LOOK on the internet for hard money.

I would also suggest that you look in your local news paper to they have people always willing to lend money.

Or put an add in the paper for money wanted. That is how I got started and now have a relationship with some very good people and save some of thier money just for my deals. I prefer using local money too because they are apt to go to a higher LTV then stop at 65-70 I can go as high as 80% with them. Give that a whirl.

[i][/i]thank you for your time, i truly appreciate it.


I’m also in Ohio. I don’t make anything no hard money loans…I guess that I could if I really wanted too, but conventional financing is my bread and butter. I do however know of several rehab lenders in the Columbus area that I can put you in contact with.

Drop me a line for more info.


I do not have any HML contacts here in Northern OH. However, have you tried this link;

Ads in the OH REIA Magazines are usually helpful when looking for re-hab money.

let me know about lenders would appreciate it. do you know why it would be advantageous to, once incorporating, get credit cards and taking money out and put in business checking.? talking about it in some dialogue on this site. do you know of good sites like reiclub?

Moose, hows the search for HML in Ohio going?