RE Grants for investing...

I’m seriously thinking about getting into real estate investing, in fact I’ve found 4 multi-family units that’s bringing in $9600 a month, there in good condition and really looks nice… My question is are they any way that I can get a grant to purchase them?

Get 100% financing. If you have good credit, it won’t be any problem.

I don’t think that’s gonna happen with my credit, that’s why I trying to find out is it possible to get it with a grant.

             Any Ideas? ???

Hello, Grants usually come from the government. From what I’ve heard about grants, they take 3-6 months to get, if you qualify. It sounds like you need a Hard Money Lender that handles residential to do your deal. I currently do not handle residential but their are others on this forum that do. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Hmmmmmmmm, now where can I find a decent HM lender at here in La.?