Re: email marketing??

Hi… I started doing email marketing sometime back but 2 times i got banned by the server due to spam. Is there a better way to do email marketing ?

I would assume that you got banned because your list of people that you were emailing didn’t sign up for your emails? If enough people unsubscribe from your email or block you as spam, your emails will be banned. Are you using a specific email marketing software? Many of them ask you to make sure that the people you are sending your email campaigns to have willing signed up to receive them. If your list of people is a list that is legitimate and you are still getting banned, I would switch email software providers. It might be something with their proxy that is triggering a threat of potential spam. I would never send a mass email with hundreds of people directly from your own email account. If you have that many to send, you should be using a third party email campaign company that has special servers for large amounts of recipients.

I was banned by the server company from where i bought space. Are there any dedicated email sending servers ?

To avoid some of the issues that you are facing, try a marketing source like

All of the sudden a half dozen people, who’ve posted less than six times, also feel compelled to weigh in on email handlers. Really? And they all sound like they have the same grasp of the English language that the average Verizon customer service employee has? And they all contribute similar, all-too-obvious, if not banal thoughts on the subject?

Please give it all a rest and find a more productive way to earn fifteen cents a post.

Email marketing is fast and reliable source of marketing . It is low cost and direct customer interaction with business. It is effective and reliable source of marketing way.

Back up email marketing with other marketing channels.

Email marketing is a promotion procedure by emails. You require thousands e mail account; all emails are related to your services. The person whom you mail is relevance to your services. Sent mail to all e mail address about your company services and product, in the event that they will have an interest about mail sent by you they looking for your site even member of it or buy service .