Re: Doing online research for property specific for land

Curious about how to go about doing research checking taxes and making sure if a property is really free an clear

Contact a local agent for getting these details (y)

Yes contacting local agent even some times people around the locality can also give you a very useful information.

You can get in contact with an agent or go to your local county assessors/recorders office for the info.

Worst case you can get a title search completed if you are really unsure after doing your due diligence elsewhere.

If you think it’s a really good deal and are willing to put an offer in on the property, spending ~$100 on a title search could save you a lot in the long run if it ends up that, in fact, the title is clouded.

This is a very sensitive subject! I have been racking my brain to try to find the best way. Guys, don’t be angry, but my answer is “Not even try to make a research yourself”. It is a thankless nightmare. Better to find a local partner or even more better to work with company that provides ready-made solutions. Just do not waste your time and nerves.

Wow, didn’t know such activities exist! How can I get in touch with such local partners?

Actually, I work not with local partners, but with a company that works with local partners :smile Sounds complicated, but it’s a truly hassle-free thing for investors. I don’t have enough knowledge to describe it in more details.

Corey, you can do most of the research yourself online by using However, I always recommend the use of a Title company to insure that there aren’t any issues, before actually closing the deal.

hello, maybe you try to search in Zillow to find properties or land

how to find real estate note leads online?