RE Club Membership

It seems hard to justify joining my local RE Club when I can gather so much info from right here.

  1. What are the benfits of paying for membership at your local club?

  2. Does one write off the membership costs with an S-Corp?

  3. Would steps toward successful Wholsaling be getting a RE attorney and a CPA?


What is the benifit of joining a club? Start with talking to real people. Asking a question and having someone you know answer it for you. How do you even know the guy on this forum giving out excellent mortgage advise is not in prison?

You get to hear stories both success and mistakes first hand. You get to actually meet money lenders, other investors, contractors…


They also will be more knowledgeable about the specific market you live in.

What is standard attire for REI Club meetings? Should I wear a suit or is it more casual?

You’ll find the loan officers and RE agents hustling for business dressed upper end. You’ll find the real players just plain comfortable since they have to impress no one but themselves. Khaki’s and a button down split the two extremes. Just my observations from both sides of the fence.

Once again Dave ::),…(or round 3?) Not all RE agents dress in suits! My clients would not recognize me if I wore anything nicer than Wranglers, boots, and tank top! And,…I dont have to hustle for biz, I get approached! :smiley:
Never judge a book by it’s cover!!!

P.S Dave,…

Attention to detail, my dear Carolann; I said nothing about suits just referred to upper end… :wink:
“You’ll find the real players just plain comfortable since they have to impress no one but themselves.” :slight_smile: Ain’t it true?
BTW, Texas doesn’t apply since it makes up it’s own rules…lol.
I’m a Wrangler/Tony Lama man myself. Right back at ya!! :-* Many thanks for the help yesterday.

I’m sorry Dave …upper end?..Definately suit!
So I guess you’d refer to me as a “real player” as opposed to an RE agent? Do I actually sense a compliment??If so, Many thanks :-*
As far as yesterday,…you’re welcome, but did I really help??


Count the money in between the pages :wink:

That quote reminded me of the ex…for some strange reason.

Guess it’s a woman thing!


But then again, I would’nt know what you’re talking about. I’m not anybodys ex!!


I like the aspect of networking at the meetings. I also am a lender but I am not really hustling for business at the meetings as much as i am trying to network and learn more about all the different angles of real estate. I also like the fact that often times they bring in speakers that have some pretty good knowledge about certain related topics.
Get in there and get involved it is fun.
Actually I look forward to ours every single month.

Are membership fees tax deductible? Also, if there are two in my area should I join both or just one or what? They are about $200 a piece. (The ones I’m looking at are and

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I can’t quit thinking about carolann in wranglers, boots and a tank top. Mmmmmmmmm!!! As far as the posting, I guess I am one of the lucky ones, cause my REI club does not charge dues. Savannah, GA if anyone is wondering.

I live near Detroit, and I am going to my first REI club meeting on Feb 7th. The dues here are $120 per year, and $20 if you just want to go to a meeting. I am going to do the latter, and if I like what I see, I can pay the extra $100 and join next month. We have a local title company speaking, and that is of great interest to me since I need one on my team. The local networking, professionals, and being around people who know my local market are invaluable. That last one alone is a reason to go. Down the road, I may join more, but for now, this one will do.

Thanks all. Well I intend to join and maybe it won’t hurt to do the $20 guest fee one time and then I’ll be more sure about jumping all the way into that particular Club.

How about using an S Corp to help write-off the dues and such?

S-Corp, absolutely!!

Here in South florida, i acutally belong to 2, non members pay $20 per meeting. Yearly membmership is 150 for 1 and 180 for the other. I am learning a lot from both. Dont forget mileage can get written off as well!!!