RE agents and MLS access

Hey guys. Do you kow if you get access to the MLS when you become RE agent or do you have to wait until you’re working for a broker? Just curious. Thanx.

You have to work for a broker that belongs to MLS and you have to pay MLS dues…In Florida it can run you about a $1000 to get set up.

Same here in Arizona. to have access to the MLS you need to be an active RE agent. And to be active you need to be ‘hired’ by a broker.

Ditto in my area (South Carolina). If you’re an agent or Realtor, you must find a Broker to hang your license with; then you have access to the MLS which has expenses accompanied with it.

You have to be a Realtor not just an Agent. You have to be active, and pay your MLS dues.

That’s what I thought. Thanx. :cool