RE Agent Marketing

Anyone care to share any effective marketing strategies to reach sellers?
What’s your creative pitch?

I am sorry, I didn’t understand – are you interested in marketing to the RE Agent or to the Sellers?

For real estate agents to brainstorm on how to effectively reach sellers


The best book on this is The Millionare Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller.

You don’t have to be a KW agent to benefit from this book.

He talks about your going beyond your spear of influence, using leverage of networking to generate leads. He discusses all the ways to generate leads in the Lead Generation Model.

Personally, I specialize in working with Investors. One of the ways I meet new clients are the local investor groups. I actively participate at every meeting.

If you are serious about building your business, you can contact me privately.

Since this is an investment forum, you may want to ask search archives of a real estate agent forum. If you want to know how to market to motivated sellers for the purpose of investment, then we have a lot of previous posts on it and there are articles in the left menu.

Try this agent forum or this one