Raw Land: Asking for Advice

Hey REI Community,

I would like to offer a financial incentive for some advice on a property:
My family has raw, undeveloped, land in South Texas (about 200 acres). It’s far away from any sort of major city or town (about 2 hrs away) and could be described as “in the middle of nowhere.” We are a decent ways away from transmission lines so solar or wind farming is difficult and relatively inefficient.

There is little rain in this area (Zapata, Tx), and access to water is limited. The ground and soil quality is typical South Tx soil, dry and not necessarily very fertile.

What advice would you have for earning some sort of income from this property? Of course, the natural inclination is perhaps farming, but this is an extremely expensive cost of entry and becomes a very difficult and often troublesome career path.

I would appreciate any sort of advice you have.

Not sure if there’s a market there for residential but I’ve heard stories of people buying small plots of land (via larger ones broken up) in West Texas. Seems like there are people out there willing to buy land in remote areas to keep in their families for the future. Many of these deals are owner financed so it would provide some income as long as buyers continue to pay. Hope that helps. Good luck!