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Okay…I purchased a lead from one of the REI compainies online. I went to check out the property and ran some comps. ARV was around 73000.00. I called the seller and made an offer for 39000.00. I told the the seller I was going to look around the property and call him back. So I call him back and rengotiate a purchase price of 37500.00


ARV = 71000.00 - 74000.00
Purchase = 37500.00 = 52.8% - 50.6%
repairs 10000.00

I would like to wholesale this for 5000.00. Would I be asking too much not leaving enough for someone to rehab?


If the numbers are accurate this deal is perfect and your cut is fine. I’d probably go higher myself. :slight_smile: Don’t be to greedy though. This is a really attractive deal.

Again if it’s accurate, I’d give it 5 Stars!