Based on your previous replies, are you trying to tell me that if you sent out a new list every 2 weeks, you could be making well over $100,000/year?

I’m embarrassed to say I only mailed out to one list this year. I dont remember ever saying I mailed to a list every 2 weeks.
No Grasshopper, I’ve got my deals this year from several different methods, bird dogs, bandit signs, other wholesalers, and the direct mail post cards to absentee owners.
But I do a lot of mailings, my bird dogs sometimes send me hundreds of addresses each month.
I’m the first to admit I’ve been slacking, playing with all these new fabulous toys, the Harley, the cars and 4/4 truck and my bad ass airplane and the guns. And also writing and working on my book.
And even though I’ve been screwing around all year I’ve still made some serious frikin money.
Man I love real estate wholesaling, can you imagine if I wasnt doing this just half ass?
Let’s make some Money…


I think I will add bird dogs now.

What exactly do you instruct them to do? Do they contact the owner or just give you an address, then it is up to you to send a postcard?

One of my very first deals was in a town 75 miles away, the bird dog found out who owned it and got their number. It was an old farm house and the city had grown up all around it. It was inherited by 3 siblings all living in different cities and states.
I made a lowball offer and a week later the seller called and accepted.
I had the bird dog go back over and change the lock and show the property multiple times.
In just a few days I had it sold by advertising on CL for $15,500 more than the purchase price.
Can you imagine making $7,750 each on our first deal? I never seen the place, that was when I first started and I didn’t have a car. I didn’t even know what I was doing, I just read a little book and started advertising for bird dogs.
The sellers split $22,500 3 ways. After they paid probate and back taxes we made more than them.
But now, usually I just get an address and I do all the work and pay the dogs $2,000 after closing.
Let’s make some Money…

I just paid $35 for a job ad on Craigslist that was very detailed and stated I would sign a contract with them to ensure they get paid their $2,000.

Damn. I should have said $500. I was just copying yours. Maybe I’ll get what I pay for but $2,000 seems like a lot to give up if $5,000 is average.

I’m going to home D to pick up some Xmas lights and a tree to decorate my cave. I’ll get an Oregon grown xmas tree, I got a Honda generator to power it all up, I cant set it up too close to my fire pit for obvious reasons. I’ll use this down time to finish up my book and get it published and determine my best plan for making a killing in 2017.
Several of my bird dogs have got a bit more ambition and we teamed up on some deals they found which was profitable for both of us.
Let’s make some Money…


Hello Rando My nami is Mike I would like to work with you if you would be interested in working with me please PM me.