Ran away manager

Hello Pro

I’ve got the question. I’ve couple of manager in my apartment complex. The manager get pay hourly with free rent. One day one of the manager ran away with some of the apartment rent that the apartment should have. He also full the new tenant to pay to pay the first month rent in cash as well ran away with that money too. Here is my question.

  1. What should I do next.
  2. How do I deal with his room. I would like to get the room back from him so that I can re rent it out. Do I have to gone thru the eviction process ? He ran away with apartment tools and thing as well with a lot of apartment money.
  3. How about his employment ? what should I do ?
    Please advice I would like to make sure that I do thing right, and fast, ,and protect myself as well from all angle. Thanks a lot

Did you have a contract or employment agreement with this individual? Have you filed a police report?

Call the police. Stealing is a crime.


I don’t have contact with him. I’ve been 1099 him for 6 months and paying him by check since he does like this I think I would consider not to claim him on tax. I’m planning to file the police report. What should I do with his room ? Thanks a lot for your advice.

He’s not coming back. Lock up the place after you file the report. If he comes back, he can be arrested.

Would you please explain what you mean by “not claim him on tax”. How does this help the situation?