Raffle off a house?

I’ve heard of people holding a raffle to sell a house, of course you would have to set some rules to make it effective. But think about this for a second.

$100 per ticket
5,000 tickets to be sold
Invite newspaper and T.V. reporters to cover the event
Tie in a local charity,that will receive a portion of the profits.
$2,000-$5,000 in marketing and supplies
you could turn a $300,000 house into a $500,000 house.
Drawing will be held after all tickets are sold.
House is paid off and a needy family receives the house free and clear. No Agents to pay, you could sell the house in 30 days or less. You would have 5,000 people running to get into your property. Keep a list of all entries and repeat on your next house.

Could this work? Feed back please.

A similar question is currently being discussed, here is a link to it;


Hah that sounds like a good idea actually.

I think you would need to see if this comes under your countys gambling laws first, or you might end up in legal trouble.