Radio Ads!

Has anybody here ever run radio ads to attract motivated sellers? I have an opportunity to do some radio advertising and I want to know if the following sounds good to attract motivated sellers: “Do you want to sell your house fast at no charge to you? Have you tried a Realtor without success? Are you ready to be relieved of your debt? Then call us today at: xxx-xxx-xxxx We take care of all the details, marketing, maintenance and repairs, all at no charge or obligation to you. call today for more info: xxx-xxx-xxxx”
Somebody please give me some feedback and let me know what you guys would do with these radio ads.

How expensive are the ads? Most of the response will come from sellers who have no equity. If you can turn these into a positive cash flow with little risk that would be great. You may find some preforeclosures with some good equity too. In 83 we did a condo conversion on East Riverside Dr and spent 60,000 on radio ads. We got a few lookers and only 3 or 4 buyers. I wish i had that $60,000 back.

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Radio is my specialty - and I wouldn’t consider it for RE investing.

I think an earlier post calculated bandit signs at $3.50 each (sign and paying a kid to put them out.) You can’t get radio ads that inexpensively. Radio ads could run $10 - $200 per spot, depending on your market, the station and the time they air.

One ad a day, isn’t going to cut it - you need minimum 25 ads/week for 6 months just to get started, then maintenance after that.

As much as I love radio, it’s just not the medium for this service.

Save your cash…We would NEVER run radio adds, target only motivated sellers, you will make more money and it will save you time and money.

I don’t suggest radio ads either. You will find that the leads are not targeted enough geographically. It doesn’t lend itself well to getting the right kind of prospects to respond.

I would use direct mail or community papers.