Radiant Heat Question

Anyone have experience with radiant heat systems? This system was installed when the home was built (60’s?) and I am wondering what problems/repairs in general have to be made as the system ages. Also am seeing cracks in ceilings, that look to be from temperature changes. The home is located in Iowa where we have seasonal temperatures. How long do these systems last? Are they efficient? I am looking at possible rehab on this home and have had no experience with this. Graciez

I have a rental property that has a radiant heat system that was installed early in the last century. The boiler started out being coal fired, then was converted to oil, and finally to natural gas. I just had it inspected, cleaned, and repaired last week by a boiler expert and he said that it should be many years before it needs anything else. What heating system could you buy today that would last 100 years?


Graciez, is this the kind of system that uses radiators, or is it the kind that is installed in the floor or ceiling and the room just radiates?

It is installed in the ceilings. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. Graciez