Quitclaim Deed???

I have a homeowner with an auction date on Feb 22, 2007. All they want is to save their credit. The house is in great shape. The house is worth 140K but their is a first of 100k and a second of 45k. Should I quitclaim this property before I negotiate with the bank and before I find a buyer???

You don’t do a quitclaim - the seller (owner) does. What would be the purpose of doing this in any case?

I know the seller is the one that signs the quit claim deed. What I am asking is should I have the h.o. deed the property to me without neg. with the bank first? and With having the sale date on Feb 22,2007?

You may be better positioned to get an Auth to Rel Info signed by the seller and talk to the bank directly to see if you can do a short sale. You may be able to get a discount from one or both lien holders.