Quit claims & Probate

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My question is about a probate issue. It was a complicated issue getting probate done, were 4 on the deed, 2 passed away, one had 4 heirs. One of the four is administrator. We went to probate office after getting all renunciations signed and everything in order so the one heir of the deceased with 4 heirs, can take care of this mess. They also had everyone with an interest in the property (the heirs), sign a quit claim deed. So the 2 surviving owners on the deed, 3 of the 4 heirs (the 4th is getting the deeds in his name, hes also the administrator).

Heres the question. Does he have to record all the quit claims before he can sell the property? What if hes the administrator as well? This is my first time dealing with probate. If he doesnt need to record them all because probate (the estate) is legally able to sell it, then Id like to save him that cash. Thanks, and sorry if this is confusing

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