quit claim

I have been trying to buy an old house from 18 heirs. Two of the heirs are unwilling to sign the closing documents (they dont like the other family members and dont wont them to benefit from the sale of the house). The house was originally owned by a couple (deceased) with 6 children. Four of the children are deceased. The title company required affidavits of heirship for the origial heirs that died without a will. Therefore, the heirs include the children of the 4 deceased children.

Can I get a quit claim deed on this house by dealing only with the heirs that want to sell? If a got a quit claim deed to the property and someone later claimed an interest in the house, what would happen?

Thanks for your help. JW

Howdy Texguy:

You can gain partial ownership by getting a deed without warranty instead of using a quit claim deed. You will not be able to gat a title policy or financing without the other heirs. What a mess. I tried one once where there were 100 heirs and several did not want to sign for the same reasons. It finally went to tax sale I believe.