Quit Claim?

I’m confused about Quit Claims. I’m checking out a property that I think is abandoned. I checked the tax assessor’s site and found out who is supposedly the owner. I even called the clerk’s office to get a mailing address, which happen to be the house I was checking out. I couldn’t believe that someone would live in that place because it’s just not kept up at all. I then did a background check on the property and it says that this person basically sold it to himself ??? Then there was a conveyance to himself ??? On one of my searches I found a quit claim was done in 1999 to a company.

So, my question is what exactly does a quit claim do. Is the true owner this company that did the quit claim or can I still contact the guy who is listed as the owner about selling? This house is behind on taxes, so who owes that? This company or the guy as it’s listed?

Quitclaim Deed - a deed that conveys only the grantor’s rights or interest in a property, without stating the nature of the rights or interest and with no warranties of ownership.

Quitclaim Deed - A deed that transfers without warranty whatever interest or title a grantor may have at the time the conveyance is made.
These are in the Investing Glossary link to your left.

Who paid the taxes since the last deed transfer. Go to the treasure office. Find out if it a different address.
Then go to the Recorders office and make sure the title chain makes cents.
Knock on the neighbors door. Send a letter. It might be forwarded.

I hope this helps


Thanks it did help :slight_smile: