Quit Claim To LLC at Settlement?

Hello Everyone:

I was wondering how possible it would be to quit claim a purchase into my llc at the closing table. My LLC is headquartered in Prince George’s county Maryland. Normally, once the taxes are paid for the year, the law allows the LLC to quit claim deed a property into the business name. Since the taxes get paid at the table, is there any reason that I cannot do it right off at the time of purchase?

Question is open to everyone.


judd - You just have to call and get permission from the lender first. I had no problem doing it.

Thanks for the responses. I will try my hand and see what happens. I will post the outcome.


I would suggest you find out who the attorney(contact your lender/broker for that info) is that you are going to pay for at the closing to represent you and explain to him/her what you wish to do and if the lender is ok with it .

Will do. Thx Greekbanker.