quit claim deed

im been searching for the owner of a property for awhile now and found that they quit claim deeded their house to some people. There is also some friends of the owners and they say that the son owns it but i don’t think he can legally own it if the title was quit claim deeded to another party if anyone can help it will be appreciated greatly thanks.

a quit claim deed ensures nothing other than ownership. usually, a quit claim deed is used between family. investors talk alot about quit claiming from personal name to company as well.

if the deed is not in the son’s name, he doesn’t own it. now, if the son/family had some restrictions placed on the deed - the person who is on the deed now may face some problems - he/she owns it, but he/she also own the liens and encumbrances.

i understand what you are saying but the owner that is on the deed on the online county property appraisers is deceased can it still be in her name would it have to go through probate or something.

yes probate court - that’s can be a b*tch - or so i’ve heard…

what’s your plan of action - this place is abandoned?

It pretty much is abandoned the son was staying there but i believe he was on drugs he is currently in jail. I’m going to the court house to see if there is more up to date paperwork there. If you have any ideas that will be worth trying it will be appreciated thanks.

You will probably have to take the property through probate, and you will have to deal with the titled owner’s heirs.

Just how I see it.

Dave T do you know how long the property will stay in probate?


it will stay in probate until all the bloodsucking lawyers have drank their fill…

Well said, and I can confirm this. Although, sometimes the family will prolong things until even the lawyers are sick of it.

Good luck.

okay thanks everyone i’ll just have to see what happens thanks.