Quit claim deed in Florida - Any attorney?

I’ve got a timeshare in Florida I’d like to dump. The deed is in my possession, which is split with 2 other individuals and I’d like my name off and all responsibility to go to the two other individuals who would like to keep it. I don’t know if a quit claim deed or warranty deed is best for this. Does anyone know a RE attorney in FL or can an attorney from any location take care of this?


I just called my good friend who is an atty and also owns Landing Title out of Melbourne, FL.

he said yes, a quick claim deed is sufficient.

his cell is 321.544.9956 …if you would like to give him a call he is available today.

Thanks taxlienadvisor,

I read your post late, but I’ll definitely give him a call. I noticed your location is cocoa beach. The timeshare is right next to you, LOL.


I really love this area…I actually live in the Cape right on the banana river next to 520…

my roof might just have the best view of the rockets,