Quickest way to a deal for beginner

Just FYI, I’m located here in Round Rock, TX. Any contracts or forms you guys can point me to for this state will be appreciated. Looking to birddog and wholesale.

Also, where can I get one of those huge MLS maps that the realtors have? Or do I have to be a realtor? At any rate, here’s my question…

I wanted to know what’s the best way a beginner like myself can get a deal with let’s say only $500-$1000 to advertise, bad credit, no job, and no reserves (don’t want to touch that money)?

Now, if I do spend $1000 to market, I need to be pretty sure that I’ll get that money back in about a month or two. People say classified ads are not good for immediate results for the money you spend, so how should I do this?

My thoughts were the following:

  • One targeted direct mail campaign
  • Targeted flyers
  • Ad in Greensheet (less than $50 month)
  • Driving for vacants, fire-damaged, abandoned with city notices
  • Call up FSBOs in areas that meet my investing criteria
  • Business cards (hand them out everywhere)

Thanks in advance.

It all depends on the ad in the paper I would say join a group Or call 866-690-1498 tuesday thru friday the put on a great 4 hour course that will teach you tons and they only charge $300.00 for the course there have been people that have left that course and done three deals the next week!! That is there new number and it will not be hooked up till then I just recived it this morning