Quickclaim Deed question

Ok I am having a home owner that will quickclaim there property to me. Now my question is this should it be to me or my company. The reason for the quickclaim is so I can close on a short sale. Basically in order for me to close the deal as a double close. The owner will quickclaim the property to me then I will simultaneously close with the end buyer and the lender. Any input on this would be great.

Are you having a title company do a title search? Be very careful with quitclaim deeds!


I will be using an attorney for closing the short sale. The attorney said that the cleanest way to do this have the distressed owners quick claim the property to me. Then when the attorneys pull tittle they will see that it is me who is on tittle. That way when we do the simulation close it would be me closing with the end buyer and the bank at the same time.

Ok so this is what is going to take place…No more Land Trust for Short Sales 1st of all…that’s a long story…So what I am going to do is use a Statutory Form Warranty Deed to take control of the title…So when the end buyers attorney pulls title they will see my company name…then I will close with them and use those funds to pay off the bank. I will also provide the closing attorney a copy of the payoff letter. I ended up sitting with 2 attorneys today to find out what would be the best way to close the deal. Once the deal closes I will post on the whole transaction. Also look for post on foreclosureNegotiations.org