Quickbooks + Tenant Bookkeeping?

I know many of you property managers/landlords out there use Quickbooks to manage/track a property’s finances - as do I.

My question (if I can figure out how to ask it) is what actual features of Quickbooks do you regularly use to track income/expenses - anything other than the normal banking income/expense P&L features? Do any of you create individual “files” for each unit - that will allow you to easily print out a report for an individual unit/tenant?

I’m asking b/c I currently use separate excel/word docs to create monthly “statements/receipts” for each tenant, and to track lease renewals, a rent log, etc. - and am wondering if there are features within Quickbooks that would allow me to do this more easily. My current “system” works okay, but as our operation gets bigger, I want to make sure that I’m handling these kinds of issues as efficiently as possible.

I hope some of this makes sense and, as always, appreciate your help.

I set up each property as a separate class so I can track income and expenses of each property automatically. QB will generate receipts and invoices. Reminders may be able to be used for some of your other requests.